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Snow Bros

Episode 1 : Snow Bros (Retro Game)

Storyline :

The story of Snow Bros. is simple: King Scorch cursed brothers Nick and Tom by turning them into snowmen, and he also captured the princess twins, Teri and Tina. It’s up to the brothers to defeat the king to save their land.

Review :

The game is simple, and as a matter of fact, that may be one of its bigger attributes, it is simple, and easy to learn, but gameplay remains quick, tough, and sincerely addictive. The main idea of the attacks is you turning your foes into giant snowballs and rolling the balls to clear the ugly path.

There are 4 power-ups, all as potions, the first one makes you walk faster, other one lets you toss your attacks to a longer distance, while another makes your attacks stronger, the last one is a “Mario star” which transforms you into a ballon form and kills anything you touch.

Snow Bros: Boss Battle!
Snow Bros : Boss Battle!

The scenes are not a linear path you must clear, like traditional platformers. Here you clear a screen and pass to the next one. Each screen has normally several platforms (one above another) in which you keep jumping from one to another. Boss scenes are intriguing, cause the bosses are each one different, some bosses that I remember are two birds, a bomb ejecting blob and a strange kind of dragon, however, no matter how different a boss is, every boss leaves tiny enemies so you can make them snowballs to attack them. You can toss snowflakes directly to the boss to inflict damage, but that is always the longer route.

Enemies in here normally shoot something or move fast towards you, and that is cool, cause it keeps game balanced.

Graphics are good, detailed, and with cartoonish details. Music is not such a big hit, but it keeps you enough well.

My final comment about this game..? Better keep it, find it or play it, cause it is one of the greatest hits in platforms.

Game Play :

Click play now & wait, after loading click on small joystick 🎮 at the bottom of the game screen to adjust controls. You can adjust controls for different players and setup accordingly if you are playing on a joystick or keyboard. Enjoy 🙂

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