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Dynasty Wars

Episode 2: Dynasty Wars ( Retro Game)


When power centralizes for too long, it always splits. However, disrupted power is doomed to be reunited. It has been 400 years since Liu Ho, the founder of the Han Dynasty, established the country. The Han Dynasty was about to face a troubled time.

The players’ goal is to wipe out the Huang Ching, the organization responsible for the unrest of the Han Dynasty, and later defeat the tyrant Dong Zhuo, and up to two players can fight side by side to accomplish this goal. This game always scrolls to the right. Players must be able to survive the rebel hordes to reach and kill the rebel general in each stage to free the province.

save the dynasty, dynasty wars
Save the dynasty!
dynasty war, war zone


There are 4 selectable characters, each with their own varying amounts of attack power and initial vitality. Aside from unique weaponry, each character also has a unique partner character during a certain special attack. For every 3 blue orbs collected, the player’s weapon improves, depending on his current level range.

There are a total of eight stages (called rounds), corresponding a province in reference to the historic battles in the novel.

At certain parts of the game, depending on the situation and the battlefield’s location, there will be a corresponding desperation attack, called Tactics. Using these tactics deplete some of the player’s health, but are best used to clear an area of enemies at once. They also improve in power and range as the player advances in levels.

Ambush – The player’s ambush partner (with a longer range weapon) appears, mimicking the player’s actions. The partner fights for around 10 seconds before leaving.

Rockslide – Only usable along slopes and mountainsides, a barrage of boulders and logs crushes down enemies and also useful against barriers, jars, and rocks.

Explosion – Waves of explosions rush across the battlefield, damaging or killing any enemy or boss near the explosions.

Flame – Four archers move in from the leftmost screen and each one fires an arrow, bombarding the battlefield with rows of blue flames.

It’s a great strategy-based game, use your mind & save the dynasty! worth playing and from the best retro collection.

Game Play :

Click play now & wait, after loading click on small joystick 🎮 at the bottom of the game screen to adjust controls. You can adjust controls for different players and setup accordingly if you are playing on a joystick or keyboard. Enjoy 🙂

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